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Producer of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC pipes for under pressure irrigation, water & sewerage transfer systems, telecommunication and many other fields

Best quality

Agricultural PE

Polyethylene pipes are among the most common plastic pipes in agriculture, industries and constructing buildings.

Sewerage PE

PE pipes are one of the best options for water, gas and other chemicals transfer.


PPRC pipes and fitting are one of the best choices for cold and hot water as well as heating & cooling systems.

European technology
and standards

Note from CEO

In The Name of God,

We in Kerman polyethylene industries are proud to have overcome the production challenges relying on young experts and their cutting edge knowledge and expertise and also the support and encouragement from our esteemed customers.

This enables us to play a small role in growth and advancement of the industry.

We see honesty and quality as not only advantages but also our duty.

We call on Almighty Allah to bless us with the glory of service and dignity.

Mehdi Zia Ebrahimi

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