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Kerman polyethylene was established in 1990 (registration no. 1667) in Kerman with an estimate area of 16000 square meters, with the support and help of experts from Kerman plastic co. (established in 1975). This company produces different types of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC pipes for under pressure irrigation, water & sewerage transfer systems, telecommunication and many other fields.

Having 7 extrusion lines with European technology and standards, produced by Oswag, Cincinnati and KSK, enables KP to produce pipes with a diameter of 12mm to 400mm in different pressure grades. These production lines are equipped with high precision measurement systems such as Inoex, to guarantee a standard product with consistency and uniformity.

In the light of the our hard-working and well-trained staff’s experience working in 3 shifts, we strive to offer the best quality.

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KP has been awarded by many governmental and private companies for offering high quality products and consumer protection, such as Ministry of Agriculture and water and waste-water organization.

Quality Control

Using the cutting edge technology and equipment, bundled with the expertise of our technicians and experts, working hard in 3 shifts at the quality control unit of KP, have given us the chance to work as the accredited partner laboratory of the standardization organization. This department is also authorized by the agricultural organization to conduct random test on products of other manufacturers.

At all stages, the supplying of raw material, production and even loading, the lab supervises the process to ensure the quality of the production and final product through the use of calibrated, high precision equipment and based on standard instruction.

Working as the accredited partner lab, meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 and ISO 9001, and being awarded for the quality of the products many times, are all the proof of the lab staff are working very hard.

Awards and achievements

  • Grade A of the ministry of Agriculture
  • Selected standard production unit
  • Selected superior producer
  • ISO 17025
  • Awarded for consumer protection in several consecutive years
  • Technical certificate by ministry of road and urban development research center
  • Agricultural mechanization development center certificate


Keeping up with global standards, we have been able to maintain the export of our products to Asian countries such as, Tajikistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and also North African counties.